Make eye contact, press a button and find your person

Cusp combines the real world with the virtual world. See someone you like IRL? And they look back at you? Seize that moment by pressing a button on the app and get connected with that special someone


Cusp offers the ability to embrace the immediacy of eye contact!

How? It's simple. As soon as you make eye contact with someone IRL, just open the app and press a button. If the person you made eye contact with also presses that button, Cusp will show you their profile and them yours.

Then you both hit the accept button and there's a match!


Cusp is an "eye contact" dating app offered by BDOLLAR APPS LLC and our mission is to match every person making eye contact with every other person anywhere in the world. We are trying our absolute best to provide you with a top-notch "eye contact" matchmaking service. Since this is version 1, we're going to need all the feedback that we can get from you, thereby curating an experience like no other. We would really appreciate you submitting your most heartfelt and genuine feedback about any aspect of the app.


Cusp is a highly inclusive platform and lets you filter profiles based on your preferences.

Every profile on Cusp is verified via face recognition, making it an extremely safe and genuine platform.

Find your soulmate who might just be an eye contact away.

Ever made eye contact with someone and felt a spark? Cusp matches you with those you exchanged eye contact with IRL!

Wanna know chiller people that live around you? Cusp shows you nearby profiles and lets you message them directly.

With Cusp, you can see the profiles that checked you out as well as those that made eye contact in your city.


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